mamba (n) any of several long, arboreal snakes of the genus Dendroaspis, of central and southern Africa, the bite of which often causes death

Welcome to Mamba, an SGI Indigo2(XZ graphics, 200 MHz R4400 CPU, 320 Mb RAM, copious storage), running Irix 5.3. It is located in Room 5205 at BioSci II. Access to this room (and, during after-hours, the building, too) requires a key card which may be obtained by contacting Lori Lambert (x6700). Users in the College of Medicine may also contact Harry Mangalam(x 4824) to arrange for a card key.

This machine has been provided with funds from the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and the Office of Academic Computing (OAC) to provide advanced capabilities in computational biology including molecular modeling, biological sequence analysis, visualization and other areas.

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